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What I Feel

November 23, 2009

Over the years, I’ve read many descriptions of anal play, nearly all of them from the point of view of the recipient. Although I can put myself in their place, especially because I’ve also enjoyed receiving on occasion, I’ve seldom seen the point of view of the giver other than in the context of domination.

Simply put, there is little about the ass and especially the anal region that does not excite me. The first time I saw a pornographic photograph featuring a fully visible anus, I was excited beyond my wildest dreams that such a depiction existed. The knowledge that others “out there in the world” understood this strange fetish comforted me by some small measure even as I became nearly obsessed with seeking out other photos and then videos. I still will get excited at photographs and my taste in videos has a distinctly anal bent to it.

The times in my life when I’ve been able to satisfy my fetish in the flesh have been a heady experience that nearly transcends mere sexual excitement. The sight of it in person, the way it feels, the way it tastes, all of these things and more are such a large part of the reason I pursue my desire when possible. Yes, the dominance of another in such an intimate way is an equal part of the experience for me but the physical, the proximity of that tender part of the human anatomy is an experience that puts me in a mental place unlike any other.


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