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November 27, 2009

My preference is for the mercury in glass rectal thermometers. It would be what people might consider medically traditional. Aside from the authenticity of it when doing medical or domestic sorts of play, it just has a look and feel that is miles above anything else. Modern thermometers, at least the kind I see in chain pharmacies, are plastic and seem to fan out from the bulb to the body. This is much wider than the glass kind which is only slightly thicker beyond the bulb where the mercury resides.

The glass thermometer, when inserted into a properly lubed bottom, slides in very easily and looks attractive sticking out from an anus and from between two cheeks. Although I’ve mostly been on the administering end, I’ve also occasionally received and must admit that the glass thermometer provides a very good sensation. Exciting because of what it is and where it is but not too much. The thermometer is used best when it is a step towards more intense sensations for ass play.


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