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Enema Feelings

December 7, 2009

There are so many possibilities for scenarios with enemas.  I can certainly appreciate the simplicity of being gently filled with warm water by warm caring hands, but there are so many more options.

I often fantasize about enemas being used in a dominance/submission scene for control.  One fantasy of many is to have a balloon or inflatable nozzle used – something to physically prevent me from expelling the enema. The thought of someone else controlling such an intimate bodily function.  I haven’t yet experienced it, but thinking about it is a massive turn on, so I can only imagine actually handing over that control.

That’s just one possibility and there are so many others! My interests in enema exploration go even further. The very adult and sexual side as well as the very vulnerable side which may need a good cleansing “for your own good” in a gentle, and caring way, with lots of rubbing and patting.  I feel there is a spectrum to explore like little else.

I could go on about being filled with water and the orgasms that can be had with the full sensation and expelling, and all the different possible combinations…but that’d be a long post! This is just the ‘tip of the iceburg’ as they say!

– Isabella

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